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WOOOOWIEEE!!   Did you see this ? 

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 the paint on my car can be a battery charger now .. or “POWER SOURCE”?

The computer games museum opens in Berlin, showcasing 60 years of gaming history – Telegraph

The computer games museum opens in Berlin, showcasing 60 years of gaming history – Telegraph.

WoW!!   just can’t believe how far we’ve come!  I  find it hard to even fathom using some of these archaic games and styles of technology, and yet …   I clearly remember using a great deal of these peripherals and Game systems. I also seem to remember at the time that although I always wanted something better (and still do), I was very happy and entertained. Good on you for opening up this museum.

Final chapter in Gears of War video game trilogy set for release Sept. 20 – Yahoo! News

Final chapter in Gears of War video game trilogy set for release Sept. 20 – Yahoo! News.

Well that is good news.. right?

I loved the Gears of War franchise from the start,I just don’t understand how they  (heroes of the game) just can’t seem to catch a break  lol

24 Caret Co-Founder Proposes Through His Own Creation – News –

24 Caret Co-Founder Proposes Through His Own Creation – News –

Nice!  lol   real nice

No Game Playing Here.. Nano Hummingbird

Birds Eye View.

Hmm yeah  cool technology, and It certainly shows how far we have come in terms of mans ingenuity and ability to learn. I am most impressed!!!  Watch out evil do-ers, your days are numbered lol. I on the other hand have nothing to hide but a slightly messy room and some undone laundry.  Ok.. maybe the bedroom is slightly messier than I am letting on

A Short NBA Live 2010 Video Game Review For The PlayStation And Xbox – Entertainment

A Short NBA Live 2010 Video Game Review For The PlayStation And Xbox by Rayne Wescotty

in Entertainment (submitted 2010-09-15)

This is a quick NBA Live game review for PlayStation and Xbox. NBA Live is one of Electronic Art’s most well known console games. Every year, several sports games are released however NBA Live’s annual edition always ends up being among the most popular. The latest version is no different, with its high tech graphics, new jerseys, and resolution, this final edition of NBA Live has garnered very positive reviews.

NBA Live 10 has bonus jerseys, a very first for these games. Vintage jerseys from the 80s and 90s were included as well as numerous alternate uniforms for many of NBA teams. Using bonus codes, even more jerseys and throwback shoes can be used. It is questionable if every NBA team will get new game uniforms but two bonus codes have been unlocked so far and more are probably coming.

The animations in this version received a major overhaul too. The video game boasts faster and more fluid graphics that allow for ultimate play. Details like the in game graphics and basketball courts were made to appear extremely real. It is a little grainy when zoomed in on some screens but overall looks very well.

The players, the background, and other smaller graphics are also more detailed. This year’s game has a more realistic background, unlike the previous installments. Crowd members were designed to look and sound more lifelike and real. The players themselves were made with more personal and exact details such as personal accessories, hairstyles, and tattoos. The stars in this year’s NBA Live game edition were made to be easily recognizable than previous ones.

NBA Live 10’s controls were changed slightly so that it is not essential to control the athletes every second of the game. Playing in the auto mode can end in many turnovers though. For users who desire to, it is very easy to expand the control to cover the athletes.

The game play is simple enough so that even people who have never played a basketball game can quickly get the hang of it. Actions like shooting and passing are both single button functions. And both the Xbox and PlayStation controllers use the right joy stick to move the basketball players. Playing defense is simple as well, simply position your player near one from the other team and he will do the rest automatically. The revamp of the players’ DNA from previous versions has largely improved too. The last edition’s DNA will update each NBA player’s abilities and attitudes nearly instantly. This latest version will also let players to compete in real games nearly as they occur in real time. And with the NBA’s rosters and change ups updating immediately inside the game, it means for a much better Dynasty Mode too.

This version’s soundtrack was revamped and updated to more current artists and bands. This year, there are a lot more songs, which drastically cuts down on the redundancy of music during the training mode and games. The tracks were even programmed to react to the tempo of the games to get the user more involved.

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The article writer is a game writer. Playing in hundreds of sports Playstation tournaments, he publishes articles dedicated to the most effective xbox 360 console game hints which he discovered on his own.

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Game Points for FREE, Can you Even Do That?

Game Points for FREE Can you Even Do That?



Have you ever seen the ads on the Net advertising ‘Free’ stuff? Free Games, Free this, Free that? I’ll bet you thought, they were probably scams or illegal in someway. There must be a catch of some kind.If there is a catch,what is it? And conversely, if there isn’t a catch how does it work? and How come everybody isn’t collecting ‘free’ stuff? Well I’m going to attempt to answer some of your questions as well as I can. Originally I had the same curiousity towards this subject as most of you reading this. I said to myself ‘ How can I determine if this is a bonafide offer? and are these sites legal?

  Simple to figure out. I went to the site, and I read up on it. I looked for reccomendations and testimonials. Yes testimonials can be faked but it is at least a start. I messaged people who I saw  had joined and got a response from them as to what they thought about these ‘free point’ sites.The general consensus was that indeed these sites are legal and genuine. It simply is due to bad business practices from some of the ne’er do well sites in this Niche that perpetuates the myth of it being a scam. This also perpetuates the idea that any new opportunity on the NET is to be viewed with suspicion.

  This type of reasoning is flawed however. It is clear to me, as it will be to most, if the garage down the street rips you off, it does NOT mean ALL garage owners are crooked. Likewise .. Most if not all of these ‘Free points’ sites are entirely legal and try to operate in a professional and conscientious manner.If you hear of one that is ‘ slightly off’, that maybe just an opinion, or it may be just that one site or company. It is unfair for us as netizens to lay blame or suspicion at the feet of honest businessmen due to the poor nature of one or two sites.In keeping with this thought I moved onto the next step of my research.

  I quickly determined from this point, that I was left with no more options but to join a few of these sites and rate them in my mind as to professionalism,legality, and Appropriate business practice. If I am going to have my name attached to something I would like to know what I am attaching it to first. Much the same way as you might find a lawyer unwilling to represent a client he knows is guilty, most of us will not want to be associated with a ‘bad’ site even if we are not on the receiving end of any of the ‘bad’. In the end I joined a couple of the upstanding looking and sounding ones. They looked ,sounded and appeared upstanding. It is because they ABSOLUTELY WERE LEGIT!

  Simply put these sites will compensate you for your time spent on viewing ads, filling out questionnaires, playing games. These ‘tasks’ are all worth a set amount of points.Simply complete tasks to acquire site points.Most sites of this nature will have a separate referral tier system of earning as well. When you have enough site points, you simply redeem them for the item you desire.This could be Game points Cards or Game Consoles, or any other merchandise. In general most sites of this type will operate this way, however there are,can, and will always be exceptions.

  Now I’m not saying that you will get Rich. I mean you might right?, but probably not.The easiest way for me to start to determine a ‘good’ site from a bad ‘site’ is what they claim you can get from them.If you are hearing claims like “earn 5000 dollars a month or more!!” It’s probably a good idea to do more research on them or even steer clear of that site all together.Anywhere that advertises unrealistic promotions or earnings is a little suspect for me.Still..You might make $5000, Most likely though, you will spend a few minutes here.. few minutes there. Drop a link or two, watch a video  etc etc..Order a game or two and be Happy. If the site tells you something like this, and doesn’t make any extravagant promises, my advice try em out.I have in the end settled on one sight in particular.I have not been with them very long at this point, but within a week or two,I had already played games, earned cash, verified my address and claimed a reward. Save yourself some time researching. Try the recommended site out first if you like the idea behind FREE Games Game points and other Free Merchandise.

-Good Luck

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 I Love Video Games,I love Reviewing them but I love Playing them FREE even more!     

“Duke Nukem Forever” Video Gameplay/Teaser

Yeah!!.. HAIL to the King BABY!

This is so cool.All they need now is to redo the voice over with Bruce Campbell. I don’t know about most of you but, I have been really looking forward to this for a while now..Did I say a while? …….. I meant YEARS!